Top 10 up-and-coming stars to watch at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 include Jule Brand, Lauren James, Melchie Dumornay, Linda Caicedo, and others

The Women’s World Cup 2023 has officially begun. For the first time ever, Australia and New Zealand will co-host the event this year, which will take place throughout both countries. Additionally, it heralds the start of the expanded version of the competition, in which 32 nations are now contending for football’s top honor. However, it […]


Sepp Blatter says Qatar’s selection as World Cup host was a “mistake”

Sepp Blatter has not specifically mentioned Qatar’s labour and human rights criticism since 2010. He did, however, question why his successor as FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, has been living in Qatar for at least a year. The decision to host the World Cup in Qatar 12 years ago was a mistake, FIFA’s president at the […]

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What will happen to Indian football now that India has been banned by FIFA?

FIFA ban India: Most facets of Indian football, including the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022, which is slated to take place in India in October and for which tickets have already been put on sale, are in jeopardy. Threats against Indian football became a reality when FIFA, the world governing body of the game, […]


Women’s World Cup 2023: Australia and New Zealand to host

Australia and New Zealand will co-have the Women’s World Cup in 2023, with the accompanying version perhaps set to occur only two years after the fact. The joint offer beat Colombia 22-13 out of a vote Thursday by FIFA’s decision board, which made a decision about them as having the best business possibilities for ladies’ […]


The Premier League is coming back with virtual group noise from FIFA games

The English Premier League is set to restart in the coming weeks, and Sky Sports is working with EA Sports’ FIFA division to make simulated chants and group noises intended for explicit groups. The objective is to repeat “the vibrant atmosphere of Premier League clashes,” as indicated by a press release. While a few sports […]


Who will win the World Cup? FIFA’s predictions have been eerily accurate

Who will win the World Cup? It’s a question that’s been on every football fanatic’s mind for − let’s be honest − the past four years. EA Sports revealed its World Cup 2018 predictions in May, way ahead of the start of the tournament, by way of a comprehensive FIFA 18 simulation, and its top tip has […]