Baraga County is obtaining a youth hockey tournament. The Baraga County Chamber of Commerce is functioning with Elite Amateur Sports from downstate to prepare the event. Peewee, squirt, and bantam groups can all be featured across 2 arenas. Dubbed the Frozen Cup, it’s the primary time in years that children are on the ice during a competitive capability at the sites.

Chamber President Debbie Stouffer says the sector is nearly set.

We have an area for a new team in every division, thus we’re attempting to induce that firmed up by next week.

Play begins at Baraga and Meadowbrook Arenas on the seventeenth.

Meadowbrook Arena was the primary space edifice to open following the onset of the pandemic. That helped draw groups from as secluded as Iron stream and Marquette to use the power, that helped lay the seeds for the future tournament.

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