Wanna stay active like the Canadian top model? Here’s how!

From taking a look at Billy’s Instagram we can see how fitness is such a major part of her daily routine as a fashion model.

The model is often seen between New York and Los Angeles jumping between hardcore workouts with a personal trainer at Dogpound or stretching it out with some fellow models at Carries Pilates. It is very apparent that being a top model does not come easy and maintaining a great healthy shape is something we see Billy working hard for. Many see from the outside world a glamour model life but little know the heavy efforts that go into the lifestyle.

Billy has been vocal on her social platforms at the importance of taking care of yourself physically and also mentally. She has stated before that she doesn’t only work out daily to maintain her physic but also to keep a positive mind. Billy is a registered holistic nutritionist and believes that you should always have a good balance in your life when it comes to a healthy diet and workout routine. Many underestimate the hard work that goes into a career of such but regardless of that Billy has stated that she doesn’t do it for a job she does it for the long term health benefits for a healthy body and mind.

Apart from watching her hit up the hottest workouts she also posts other health related activities and treatments she takes part in weekly whether it be hyperbaric oxegyn chambers or infared sauna and lymphatic drainage massages. Sounds nice doesn’t it!

Catch her and all her healthy routines at @dontbebilly

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