Clements’ subsequent objective gives the Red Eddies their seventh consecutive success after the Yachtsmen tied the game with 13.7 seconds left.

Wesley Clements is called upon when he’s required, and the sophomore forward came through for Edward Little in large circumstances Wednesday.

Clements scored an in need of help objective during a long punishment kill and, all the more critically, scored the game-champ in additional time for the Red Eddies in a 3-2 young men hockey triumph over Falmouth at Norway Savings Bank Arena.

Edward Little (8-10) finishes off the normal season with seven sequential successes.

The in need of help objective in the subsequent period about remained as the game-champ, yet Aaron Higgins scored a 6-on-5 objective for the Yachtsmen (7-10-1) with 13.7 seconds left to send the game to extra time.

Falmouth had the energy, and the puck in its hostile end, when Clements gathered a free puck and headed the other route with it for a breakaway that prompted the game-champ.

“I saw the puck and I saw the (defender). (I skated around him), then I made a move on the goalie,” Clements said. “I was thinking that, ‘This is the game-winner,’ and it went real quick in my head. I was like, ‘I have to score this.’”

“Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but it kind of just comes to me as I see the goalie. Pull the backhand. That’s the same move I did on him the first time, so I assumed it worked.”

The triumphant objective accompanied 4:16 left in extra time, and a few minutes after Mitchell Ham’s scaled down breakaway was halted by Red Eddies (8-10) goalie Gage Ducharme.

“Listen, it’s overtime hockey, right?” Falmouth mentor Deron Barton said. “Before that we had a swing, they had a turnover at their blue line, we came in, we didn’t capitalize, they did. Those are overtime plays. Those are what make and break the results, and we ended up on the losing end.”

The Red Eddies were on the losing end of a great deal of games (10 of every a column, to be definite), when lead trainer Norm Gagne sat down to chat with Clements about his job in the group.

“He doesn’t even play on a regular line. We filter him through. Penalty kill, power play, wherever we want to put him we can put him,” Gagne said. “He should be on a line, but I told him … I said, ‘Look, I want to use you, and you’re going to play. I don’t want you to think I don’t think you should be on a line, but I can use you anywhere.’”

The game was tied 1-1 after the first. Kegan Rodrigue scored first for Edward Little on a strategic maneuver, and Falmouth’s Owen Drummey replied off a Xavier Grenier help.

The Yachtsmen were amidst different man-focal points (initial 4-on-3, at that point 5-on-3, lastly 5-on-4) when Clements scored to give the Red Eddies a 2-1 lead 8:05 into the subsequent period. Logan Alexander — who Gagne said is “playing relentless hockey” now in the season — got his second help of the game on the play.

“When you look back over the whole game, the 5-on-3 was huge,” Gagne said. “We had guys laying it out, blocking shots — things that you have to do in playoffs, and we did that tonight. They could have drilled us right then.”

Clements acknowledged Ducharme for making huge saves money on the punishment execute. He had four in the arrangement, 11 in the subsequent period, and 22 for the game.

One shot that evaded him was Higgins’, which originated from an intense edge with time slowing down in guideline.

“The hockey gods have a magical way of a puck finding its way in without any real rhyme or reason,” Barton said. “Just put it on net and anything can happen.”

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