Subsequent to trusting it wouldn’t have a 2020-21 season because of COVID-19 rules, the Georgia club hockey group has switched course and could contend this spring.

The University of Georgia gave the Ice Dawgs “tentative approval” to play two games against Tennessee on April 9-10 and two against Auburn on April 16-17. It will be the primary games for the Ice Dawgs since February 2020.

The Ice Dawgs will guarantee home-ice advantage at the Macon Coliseum for each game on the grounds that the Classic Center’s ice is away. They’re additionally set to confront Georgia Tech on April 23-24 in Duluth, Georgia.

Georgia lead trainer and head supervisor John Camp said that even he was astounded the group will actually want to play. He was stunned to get consent from UGA to venture behind the seat.

“We just were caught in the dark,” Camp said. “And that we’re putting the best of faith in that they’re doing what’s best. [Senior defenseman Kyle Harris] was in communication with the assistant director for Competitive Sports and really wasn’t getting any information other than, ‘You still can’t play.’”

Camp was disappointed that no one inside the Ice Dawgs’ program understood what COVID-19 boundaries were in play convention.

“It’s difficult, it’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, they’re working in all of our best interests to make sure that we’re safe,” Camp said.

Looking forward, Camp is hoping to profit by the group’s energy while keeping up their control against a Tennessee group that sits with a 6-3 record and an Auburn group without accessible game film. Keeping players out of the punishment box will be a need for Camp since long breaks from play can cause an expansion in stick infractions.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us, there’s no doubt about it,” Camp said. “Through the years I’ve been here, we’ve beaten much more talented teams by sticking to our systems. Again, we need to be smart, we have to remember who we are. This is Georgia hockey: we’re gonna be fast, we’re gonna be physical.”

Other than getting the Ice Dawgs back in real life, Camp said he is generally appreciative to bring seniors like Seth Johnston some conclusion with a senior evening, which he said he didn’t believe was conceivable.

It has been a very troublesome year for the Ice Dawgs, Camp said, however he is happy his players have their outlet and energy back. Furthermore, since the group hasn’t seen a puck drop in a year, the following two ends of the week are opportunities to play.

“I just want them to go out there, let loose [and] have fun,” Camp said. “Appreciate playing the game that you have since you were a little kid with enthusiasm. … You get a chance to skate. Absorb it and appreciate each second.”

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