Torey Krug won’t sign with the Red Wings, Yzerman concentrates somewhere else

The 29-year-old Michigan native is signing a monstrous agreement with the St Louis Blues as much as $6.5m AAV.

Krug gets his big payday, and the Red Wings pass up a player who has been associated with them for months. This could be a real sign that Steve Yzerman isn’t prepared to distribute huge agreements at the present time. Yzerman signed Jon Merrill to a one-year deal early Friday, so clearly, the second-year GM is being selective with what sort of agreement he gives out.

Yzerman took questions late Friday night. He rambled about signing Jon Merrill and Bobby Ryan, affirmed that the three signings later in the day were implied as “call-up” players, and afterward uncovered that large agreements aren’t what he’s searching for this moment.

In this way, the pattern matches up here.. The Red Wings were supposed to be keen on Jacob Marktrom — he signed a major agreement with Calgary. The Red Wings were supposed to be interested in Torey Krug — he signed a major agreement with St. Louis. Yzerman said that he is available to the possibility of a major agreement, however implied that it’s not the time a la “in this economy.” (He really said that. He really said “in this economy” and it was fuckin’ clever).

There are a lot of names forgot about there in free agency. Yzerman clearly isn’t done here.

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