Henry Colin Wright is a singer and social media sensation from Essex in the UK. He was born In Colchester on the 16th October 2003 which currently makes him 17 years old. Despite only being 17 he has been viewed across the Internet over 25,000,000 times just over the course of the last year which is incredible considering his age and the fact that his still in full time education. Singing and make online videos isn’t Henry’s only passions, He also loves all sporting activities. In the summer of last year Henry uploaded a Compilation video of him playing a few different sports on his YouTube channel, the video was titled “IMPOSSIBLE TRICK SHOTS!!!!! (THIS VIDEO TOOK 2 YEARS TO MAKE!!)”. This title shows that he’s been into sports for at least 2 years a quite possibly much longer than that!During the video Henry did many football trick shots in his garden, He did things such as kicking football’s into his garden bin and many more. Along with the football trick shots and skills in the video there was also clips of him playing Tennis and throwing ping pong balls into cups. Henry has also said publicly in some of his YouTube vlogs that he does daily work outs as well where he does a set work out routine at a set time everyday.

The final sporting activity that Henry films for social media is his running, he often films his runs as part of his vlogs and he always seems to enjoy them.

To find out whether Henry’s love for sport helps influence his music in any way we decided to get in contact and ask him some questions about his two passions!

So then Henry,

They definitely inspire others but what is it that inspires you to write the motivational lyrics in your songs?

Henry Colin Wright: believe it or not the first ever motivational verse that I wrote was actually inspired by my work out routine that I complete daily, one day after I’d done it I felt as if the next time I did it I wanted to have some motivational music so I thought why not write some myself.

Do you think you’ll write any other music inspired by sport in the future?

HCW: Yeah, I think there is quite a high likelihood of that I am always looking for inspiration from everything so I think some of my songs in the future could definitely be inspired a sporting activity or event.

And finally, how many attempts did it take you to make those trick shots in your impossible trick shot YouTube video?

HCW: I think one or two were actually first time but the rest to ages I think

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