Marina Sirtis is going all-in on Michael Dorn and his Star Trek/Worf series thought.

Marina Sirtis couldn’t want anything more than to see Michael Dorn have his chance at being Captain Worf on his own series. Dorn has been anxious to do the thought for some time, and with the actor approaching 70, it’s beginning to look like now or never for the veteran Star Trek alumni to have his shot.

Sirtis spoke to Big Issue (by means of and shared her explanations behind for what reason she’d need a Worf series.

She’s right, Worf is an unfathomably popular character and the series has never handled a Klingon leading a Federation ship previously. In truth, Sirtis raises the way that she and Dorn are good friends in real life, all things considered, so perhaps that has something to do with her backing the thought, however that doesn’t mean it’s anything but’s a smart thought.

Dorn has for some time been a popular member of the Star Trek family, notwithstanding the way that Gene Roddenberry didn’t care for the idea of a Klingon getting his own storylines in the Next Generation. Ultimately, the journalists won out and began writing Worf-specific plotlines and those ended up being probably the best of the franchise.

On the off chance that this show is at any point made, which is gigantic if, right now, Ronald D. Moore would need to be part of the project to some degree. Ideally as the series show-runner yet on the off chance that he can give any bit of help that would be awesome.

Also, no Nu-Trek Klingon plans. Except if you need to make them an alternate species of Klingon. That would be fascinating.

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