Yasin Seiwasser is the man behind this incredible brand and program, backed by 30 years of intensive practice.

We have come across several people having the aim to fulfil their own desires and aspirations, but it is time to question whether we have met people who have shown an undying passion for working towards fulfilling the life’s goals and aims of others, ultimately taking them towards their higher selves and helping them experience pure bliss and happiness through their work. With so many industries and sectors on a constant rise, with rising competition everywhere, people in the process often lose themselves in their quest to achieve the most in their industries. However, Yasin Seiwasser, the man and the mind behind his incredible art of life program called ‘The Art of Seiwasser’, says that it is essential to listen to what the heart seeks, pause for a while, breathe and then again go ahead in fulfilling their dreams. His brand helps people in doing exactly that.

There is already so much happening around the world; moreover, the pandemic has only added on to these negativities. Amidst such trying times, one needs to take certain brave decisions and, for once, at least think beyond the usual to reach the unusual success that they once only dreamt about. All of this becomes possible when programs like The Art of Seiwasser come into the picture. Yasin Seiwasser has excelled as a mental and life coach and thus initiated this program of his, for he knew the kind of difference he could create with his genuine efforts, based on more than 30 years of intensive practice in different styles for mental training, martial arts and meditation. As a child at 8 years, he had started an intensive training school, and since then, he has never looked back. In fact, each passing year, his resolve has only become stronger to turn individuals into their better selves through his incredible mental and life coaching and his art of life program.

His long years of practice in Mind-Body Techniques Meditation – Mental Training – Breathing, all independently without any trainer and team, has further propelled him forward as a coach. 

The Art of Seiwasser, which includes meditation and mental training with various other special exercises and techniques, makes sure to impact lives positively.

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