Samuele Mura was Born in Nottingham, Uk in 1988 and at the age of  5 moved to Sardinia. At the age of 26 he moved back to London, he founded multiple companies and above all he is now a football agent taking care of the image and the careers of professional footballers.

“I come from Jerzu, a small town in the heart of Ogliastra, Sardinia.

In 2007, as soon as I graduated from high school, I was following everybody’s advise and I went to Cagliari’s university.

The interest, however, barely lasted three days.

I quitted.

I decided to pursue my passion which is marketing and management, in sports and soccer in particular. That is when Edith Media was born.

Soon, Edith Media started to focus on former and current professional footballes image and personal brand.

In 2016, after more personal and alternative studies, I realized that I was becoming the limit to my companies and decided to create an automated system.

That was an important moment, not only for my companies, but also for me personally as I started to have a lot of free time.

Time that I decided to invest into my passion, football.

Traslo assisted footballers, Edith assisted footballers, so why not assist more footballers in their careers.

That’s when Stars & Partners, an important Italian football agency that has been in business for more then 25 years, decided to invest in me and in London’s market.

We have many young talents, pro’s in the top leagues, and we are working hard to improve day after day.

But more then anything I’m doing what I love, and I’m loving the journey.

The journey is still long, but all of this 10 years ago seemed impossible to me.

I hope this simple story can inspire someone to chase what they feel is right, and doing it the way they feel is right.

The journey is important as the goal. So make sure you stay true to yourself, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

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