Previous Dallas mentor Jason Garrett prepared for the first showdown with Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys

At the point when Mike McCarthy showed up in Dallas, he thought about two procedures.

“You can torch the earth and start over on everything,” McCarthy said, “or start to incorporate the things you can from the past culture into your culture. I’ve obviously taken the second approach.”

So the Cowboys group that will confront the New York Giants and hostile facilitator Jason Garrett on Sunday keep on encapsulating a significant number of Garrett’s standards. Garrett’s “control what you can control” mantra has additionally become a revitalizing cry in an unusual COVID-19 time of NFL play. Eleven of Dallas’ 22 expected starters this week were drafted under Garrett, with another four obtained while he was lead trainer. Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore played and trained under Garrett.

“Obviously, I owe a lot to Jason,” Moore said. “Someone who, as I continue to grow as a coach, I’ll probably always connect with and want to learn from as well.”

In any case, as a 1-3 Cowboys group plans for a 0-4 Giants group, Dallas’ disparities from the Garrett time may characterize the result of each group’s first divisional matchup. A Dallas group that since quite a while ago highly esteemed controlling the clock with the run game is averaging an alliance best 407.8 passing yards per game. A Dallas safeguard that as of late accentuated speed and effortlessness is confronting inquiries regarding its engine and a moderate progress to schematic comprehension. Indeed, even McCarthy, whose record through four games is more awful than Garrett’s ever was in nine or more season at Dallas’ rudder, has required exertion to wander from Garrett’s moderate methodology, in play-calling and in press conferences.

“I probably didn’t handle (media) the best way in my prior experience,” McCarthy said Wednesday. “Being ‘BBD,’ Boring By Design, was probably not the best method.

“I’m trying to be as charismatic as hell with you as you can tell. I’m just flowing out my ears right now.”

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