With an experienced team offering frictionless experience, Pierrick Jamaux helps people access banking services with low fees.

Long we have known stories of different entrepreneurs from different fields and sectors, walking their way to the top with passion and tenacity. A few amongst them imprint their names in the most celebrated entrepreneurs of the world. Wonder why? Because they never take their success for granted and only focus on becoming their best versions, along with making their brands and businesses the top-choice for their target audience. People still lack the necessary knowledge when it comes to the financial space, especially with regard to the digital aspects of the industry. Since this space is still growing, no one can deny that the upcoming years will be all about various digital assets and the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies over paper money, explains Pierrick Jamaux, a young financial entrepreneur making a lot of noise through his latest venture, “hi”.

Pierrick Jamaux was mathematically gifted and had been a national student poker champion (GEPT) in France in 2010. The financial world always attracted him the most. Hence, after studying at the top French engineering school Ecole Centrale Paris, Pierrick Jamaux started as a Derivatives trader for banks in Paris, New York, London and Hong Kong. He had even founded a luxury concierge business. To expand the same, he joined hands with a technology company and made his way into the world of cryptocurrency in 2019 to facilitate worldwide payments.

The 32-year-old entrepreneur says that gone are the days of the age-old methods and ways people handled banking. Now is the time to act smarter and make all these processes faster, cheaper and simpler. He reveals that innovation and the potential to change forever the way people handle money and banking excited him, and now they have created an ecosystem where membership value is the primary goal.

Never shying away from risks and always overcoming obstacles on his path, Pierrick Jamaux emerged as a unique value-creator with hi, also helping open the possibilities for microbusinesses to grow. hi also has its membership token, the hi Dollar, which is key to the hi ecosystem. hi even offers frictionless experience by helping people sign-up and start Not-For-Profit banking, where they can buy, sell and withdraw crypto and even fiat currencies through WhatsApp, Telegram and more. They have also thrived due to a passionate team of professionals, including thinkers, technologists, executives and entrepreneurs.

Follow Pierrick Jamaux now on Facebook, https://m.facebook.com/ja.max.33 or Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/astropierrick/ and visit the hi website, https://hi.com/ to find out more.

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