Packers’ Marcedes Lewis desires to break the NFL record for most seasons played by a tight end

Packers tight end Marcedes Lewis is going into his seventeenth NFL season, and that makes them put his focus on his own place in NFL history.

Just two tight closures have played 17 seasons, Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten. No close end has at any point played 18 seasons, and that is something Lewis needs to do.

“This year, I’ll tie the record,” Lewis said. “It would be great to break it and then I would consider, ‘OK, I’ve done that.’ Eighteen is kind of bizarre, especially at the tight end position.”

Lewis played his initial 12 NFL seasons with Jacksonville and is presently heading into his fifth season in Green Bay. When he plays this season he’ll break out of a tie with Antonio Gates, Pete Metzelaars and Jackie Smith, every one of whom played tight end for 16 seasons.

As well as playing something like two additional seasons, the 38-year-old Lewis says his other objective is winning a Super Bowl.