NFL competition committee to propose 16-team playoff situation as the pandemic contingency plan

The NFL competition committee hopes to introduce a resolution to proprietors that incorporates a 16-team playoff situation in the event games are lost due to the Covid pandemic, league sources revealed to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The contingency plan – which could become almost certain as bye weeks disappear – would include eight playoff teams from each conference.

The competition committee met by means of video conference Monday, as per sources.

The contingency, if important, would take four division champions and four wild-card teams from both the AFC and NFC. The playoff seeds would be 1 versus 8, 2 versus 7, 3 versus 6 and 4 versus 5.

NFL team proprietors previously had endorsed an arrangement in March to grow the postseason to 14 teams start with the 2020 season. That plan expanded the number of wild-card teams per conference to three, up from two.

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