Nebraska basketball mentor Fred Hoiberg, who has heart issue, says serious COVID-19 case, chest suffering left him ‘somewhat terrified’

The Nebraska men’s b-ball group is arising out of a closure due to a COVID-19 episode that left mentor Fred Hoiberg with a serious case.

“I got a little scared, to be honest with you, just with everything I’ve had in my past with two open-heart surgeries and being fully dependent on a pacemaker,” Hoiberg said Tuesday. “It concerned me. And I did have chest pains. That was the scary thing.”

The 48-year-old mentor was brought into the world with an irregular aortic valve and had medical procedures in 2005 and 2015, with the first spelling the finish of his NBA playing vocation.

Hoiberg said that he has gone through a battery of heart tests since recuperating from the infection and that everything looked ordinary.

Nebraska stopped group exercises Jan. 11. Hoiberg said he and two associates, an alumni collaborator, nine players and an understudy supervisor tried positive. That is notwithstanding another player who had COVID-19 prior in the season.

All the players had either minor symptoms or were asymptomatic, Hoiberg said, and all three coaches had severe symptoms.

The Cornhuskers (4-8, 0-5 Big Ten) are planned to play at Michigan State on Saturday, which would make it 26 days since the Huskers’ last game.

Hoiberg said he started encountering manifestations Jan. 15, awakening in the night with cools, an awful cerebral pain, an irritated throat and body hurts.

“I took some ibuprofen and felt pretty good the next morning and thought maybe it was just a little 24-hour deal that I had,” he said.

At that point his day by day COVID-19 antigen test was positive, and a subsequent PCR test affirmed the outcome.

Hoiberg said he never required hospitalization since his oxygen level stayed ordinary and his fever never surpassed 101 degrees. He shed 10 pounds, and his feeling of smell has not returned.

The group continued exercises over the course of the end of the week, and Hoiberg said he keeps on doing combating weakness and anticipates that that should be the situation for a few additional weeks.

Hoiberg said he never considered suspending the season. He said the Huskers will attempt to make up each of the five deferred games and could wind up playing 15 out of 32 or 33 days.

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