Tampering has become one of the biggest problems in college football this offseason.

While attending the ACC Network’s Packer and Durham shows on Tuesday morning, Florida state football coach Mike Norwell says there has been an attempt to tamper with their players.

“We had a conversation, there were some people in our team who had people talking to them from the outside. They weren’t on the portal, but they were trying to decide something for their future,” Norwell said.

“That’s unfortunate. But we’re grateful for the kids we have and the team we’re able to move forward with. But for college athletics, we want to be here together to move on.”

The incident at Packer and Durham occurred when Michael Alford, director of Norwell and FSU Athletics, was on Amelia Island for the ACC’s spring meeting.

Harassment has been a major factor in ACC schools for the past few weeks.

A few months after pit wide receiver Jordan Edison won the billetnikoff award with 1,479 receiving yards and 17 touchdown catches, he entered the transfer portal on May 1. It just so happens that May 1 was the last day he would have been ineligible for it. Falling into a new school.

Pitt’s head coach Pat Narducci tried to call USC head coach Lincoln Riley a few times because, believing that the USC had tampered with Edison, he approached him while he was not on the portal.

Boston College standout wide receiver Jay Flowers told ESPN he has received several six-figure offers to relocate from people who are loosely associated with other school names, images and similarity groups. He turned down the offer and chose to stay with the Eagles.

The NCAA clarified Monday that NIL collectives are seen as booster by the organization’s law and, thus, are also prohibited from contacting players or recruits in an attempt to compensate.

The NCAA also clarified that this means that the organization’s enforcement personnel will begin to investigate possible violations of the rules, including any violations that occurred during the first 10 months of the NIL era.

The ability for athletes to take advantage of their name, image and likeness is long overdue, and while being used in some good and service-oriented ways, Norwell agrees that certain aspects of the rules need to be improved.

“There are some things in college athletics that definitely need to change. It’s unfortunate when you hear, see and experience the involvement of outsiders in that part of the game, “said Norwell.

“Because it’s not college athletics. It’s not what it should be. It’s unfortunate that some of these young people are being brought into such situations to be able to make that decision.”

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