As the 2021 college football season came to an end, Indiana linebacker Micah McFadden was considered a Top 100 prospect and a potential Day 2 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. However, that is not how things shook.

McFadden’s stock declined steadily since January, and when the draft finally arrived, he was out on Day 2. However, the slide ended in round 5 when McFadden was finally called by the New York Giants.

Although he is thrilled to be with the Giants, McFadden develops a small chip on his shoulder when he falls.

“I think it just puts a chip on your shoulder,” McFadden told reporters on Saturday, “You know, you want to get better and you want to, everybody wants to play, and that’s kind of overlooked.” Turns out, it makes you want to play even more and it makes you tougher. ,

Of course, McFadden was a somewhat late bloomer. He was not particularly good at football until after his high school career and there is much development to be done.

“I didn’t play in high school until my junior year, and you know, kind of overlooked at an early age, but yeah, definitely,” McFadden admitted. “I used to play football every year from the age of six. I just wasn’t good at it.

“I would say once I got into varsity, just the coaches made it easier for me, and I played like an edge rusher in my junior year, and it enabled me to run around and kill people. And just play faster. So it turned into something like this.”

Now McFadden wants to reach his full potential with the Giants and although it has been a bit overwhelming at the start, he is confident that 31 other teams will regret passing on him.

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