The MIAA Field Hockey Committee wasted through brief period in declaring its goals for the 2021-22 season.

Following the boundaries set out by the Tournament Management Committee, the Field Hockey advisory group casted a ballot 13-0 for going to four divisions. The subsequent stage in the process will be to the TMC for its endorsement.

The current field hockey format calls for two divisions, however the advisory group was consistent in its conviction that four divisions was liked. A few individuals surveyed schools inside their separate locale and they shared those equivalent assessments.

On the off chance that the 2020-21 season happens, there was some discussion about whether authorities would be required to wear covers.

In the event that they’re required to do as such, it could introduce issues for a game that has a lot of whistles, something not as simple to do through a mask.

Starter conversation is that a few authorities would utilize an electronic whistle. Some pondered who might cause the expense, while others rushed to call attention to they for the most part run in the region of $20 each.

It wouldn’t be a field hockey meeting except if the subject of young men cooperation came up. Marlboro School Committee part Katherine Hennessy introduced a few realities in regards to young men playing field hockey.

The significance of her conversation based on developing the game without gender conflicts at the more youthful levels. That would go far to actualizing a boys league down the road.

Including another game could be a money related issue, due to the coronavirus pandemic influencing school spending plans. Beverly Public Schools Superintendent Susan Charochak suggested that and called attention to that field accessibility could be a worry.

The committee is planned to meet again in September, however they considered the likelihood that an August gathering may be increasingly reasonable if something occurs throughout the following a six weeks that could change the fall season.

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