LSU baseball trusts two pitchers will come back from wounds this week.

Sophomore Ma’Khail Hilliard and freshman Chase Costello were both inaccessible amid LSU’s sweep of Bryant, yet mentor Paul Mainieri needs both to toss an inning in relief amid LSU’s mid-week games against South Alabama (Tuesday) and Southern (Wednesday).

“They both threw today,” Mainieri said Sunday afternoon. “I watched them throw. They both threw without pain and looked good.”

Hilliard ran 9-5 with a 3.79 ERA last season. He missed fall practice in view of shoulder soreness, a vibe that has shielded him from pitching yet this season. Mainieri thought at one point he would be prepared for the season opener, however Hilliard’s soreness returned. He experienced a nonivasive procedure a week ago.

“I’m hoping he’ll be able to pitch by Wednesday,” Mainieri said.

Costello contributed three of LSU’s initial four games. He surrendered four runs amid his first outing, saying a short time later nerves influenced him. Costello pitched 2 ⅓ innings over LSU’s next two games. He surrendered one run.

After Costello’s appearance against Southeastern last Tuesday, he encountered swelling in his grasp and what Mainieri called a “strange soreness” in his right arm. LSU, fearing he had a blood coagulation, surged him to the hospital.

Doctors didn’t discover a blood coagulation or the purpose behind the issue. LSU held Costello from the Bryant series as a safety measure.

“I don’t know what caused it, but he’s fine now,” Mainieri said. “His arm feels great. He’s throwing again. Hopefully he’ll pitch an inning on Tuesday.”

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