The NFL is a huge industry with many moving parts. While most of those parts focus on business affairs, Leo Frost is more interested in improving the image and outlook of players. He is a young celebrity jeweler from Houston, Texas, who has a unique clientele.

“My demographic of customers is made up of celebrities, rappers, and athletes, many of which are in the NFL. However, I cater to anyone interested in creating handcrafted luxury jewelry,” a statement reiterated by Frost while watching the Super Bowl.

Leo Frost has worked with an abundance of NFL stars and understands the importance of efficiency while designing new pieces. His progress in the jewelry business has been exceptional despite the evident challenges maintaining relevance as a jeweler.

“When I was at the University of Houston, I met a guy named Corey Davis who I ended up becoming really cool with. I eventually made a piece for him, he loved it so much he introduced me to all his friends. He vouched for me and told everyone who was going to the league that I would be the future of the game. From then on, the ball just never dropped.”

Las Vegas Raiders player, Isaiah Johnson, was Leo Frost’s first-ever customer who played for the NFL. He remembers meeting Johnson after watching them play a home game. Frost eventually made him a 14K two-tone red and white gold custom U pendant with diamonds. It’s not a surprise that this is his most memorable sale was from Johnson. “I flew out to a raiders game to watch them play. Afterward, I have flown back to Houston on a private jet.” The recognition and reputation that he built for himself that day alone laid the foundation for his business.

Leo Frost realized that players in the NFL are connected because they share similar interests. He decided to use this aspect in his favor. By selling icy jewelry to these athletes, Frost was indirectly marketing himself to a unique customer base. He would occasionally receive calls from NFL stars who he strived to assure of his talent. In his time as a jeweler, Frost has worked with players from teams such as Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans and more.

His rise as a jeweler is attributed to good mentorship. “I am fortunate to have three mentors: Iceman Nick, King Johnny, and Jimmyboi. All of them in their own way, teach me the dynamics of the game and how to be the best I can be.” Leo Frost is currently living the dream and getting guidance from close aides, peers, and colleagues. These success stories have not distracted him from realizing his ambition; to be the number one jeweler for the NFL.

Here’s a look at some of Leo Frost’s jewelry:
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