Lamar Jackson rewrites playoff finisher story as Ravens beat Titans in Wild Card Round

Lamar Jackson attempted to contain his grin however battled. It felt great to eradicate an overwhelming shortage on Sunday as well as a bothering story in driving the Baltimore Ravens to a 20-13 triumph over the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the end of the season games at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

For seven days, if not an entire year, the double danger quarterback’s achievements were limited by the group’s inability to dominate a season finisher match. In 2019, he drove the Ravens to an establishment record 14 successes and turned out to be only the subsequent player to collectively win a NFL MVP grant. He put down his name in the account books by turning into the first to toss for 3,000 yards and scramble for 1,000 in a similar season, and players across the group perceived the achievement by giving him front and center attention on the “Best 100 Players of 2020” list.

But then the discussion all offseason was about him being one-and-done in the postseason for the second consecutive year. That cloud filled in size and premonition Sunday after the Ravens fell behind 10-0 to the very group that took them out of the end of the season games the past season and had beaten them in additional time in Week 11 this season. Indeed, even the TV broadcast team watered the seeds of uncertainty by bringing up that Baltimore was the solitary establishment throughout the last four seasons that neglected to dominate a match subsequent to following by in any event 10 focuses.

Stories that were written in pencil were being revised in ink, especially after an inadequately tossed pass by Jackson was caught and changed over into a field objective to make it a two-score game. The previous Louisville star may be adequately quick to flee from safeguards, however not his new past. Recollections of his three-turnover execution in last’s season finisher misfortune to the Titans returned surging.

In any case, if there is one thing about Jackson that ought to never be disparaged, it is his confidence in himself. It is a certainty that doesn’t twist or break. It conveyed him when work force individuals said he should change positions in the wake of leaving school, in spite of already winning the Heisman Trophy as the best part in the nation. It solidified him after a misfortune to the Los Angeles Chargers in the first round of the end of the season games two years prior. It drove him after the 28-12 misfortune to the Titans in the Divisional Round last season. What’s more, on Sunday, it quieted him.

“After the turnover, I just locked in even more,” he said after the game.

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