Kevin Major, is a Bronx Native and is one of best basketball player from his City. Coming from the middle class family who saw the days of poverty, he grew with single mother who plays role of the guardian both as father and mother, to him and his sisters Jadah and Kayla. He was passionate about Basketball from an early age.

Kevin is currently the star Point Guard at Penn State Wilkes Barre located in Lehman Pennsylvania, and he’s looking to emerge as the alpha of the program. Playing under coach Hammett, a former St Francis point guard who played professionally you would expect Major to mirror him .

Kevin is in way of becoming high recognized as he had been Allstate Nominee in High School. He played for the former head coach at the University of Kentucky, Billy Gillispie and going to a prep School in Delafield Wisconsus called St John’s North Western Military Academy where he was the lead scorer of the team and got ranked a 2 star recruit nationally.

When Kevin was interrogated about his success he stated that ‘he is regular at gym and visit to 2-3 times daily, to stay fit’. He is keen of improving himself a little bit on regular basis by learning new techniques and tactics. Kevin shared that “Opportunities don’t come often, but when they come drop everything and follow your dreams without looking back”.

Kevin remains motivated forever, if you knew Kevin Major from youth you knew he was going to be good at what he does. His mentor Kenneth Gucc Robinson stands with him in his ups and downs. He helped him to get to where he is today, from high school to his junior year in college. In his views “The things you look in the time of struggle, might be rewarded at the end”.

Kevin is now a well-known player at NYC, and is on his way to having a dominate senior year after averaging around 10ppg 4rbs and leading the team in field goal percentage. His goals is to pursue his dreams overseas by playing professionally for foreign countries and eventually playing in the NBA. Kevin believes “Closed mouth don’t get fed”.

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