October 3, 2021

Terry Lin made a trip to America from Taiwan to pursue his basketball career and he has done just that.  When you talk about hard work and determination, you have to mention his name.  Terry came to the US in 2017 where he attended language school at Virginia Tech for two years and then went to Liberty University while training not only on his language but also in becoming a better basketball player. He is 5’10, quick and possess a high basketball IQ.  Some might say he can be a game-changer in any collegiate basketball program. 

“Taiwan is a fascinating country and formerly called Formosa which means Beautiful Island in Portuguese.
Their culture is a combination of Confucianist Han Chinese, Japanese, European, American, global, local, and Taiwanese aborigines culture. Having a hybrid culture, it must have been an influence to them to have basketball as one of the most popular sports in their country.

The new government of Taiwan promotes and supports basketball by building basketball courts and stadiums and organizing competitions to encourage more people to like the sport.” (source Taiwan Basketball News)

He plans to continue to get better and adopt the American style of basketball to be well-diverse in the game that he loves.  He’s currently training with former Division 1 basketball players to expand his knowledge of the game.  

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