Off late, we broke the news that Power Sportz co-owner Ms. Kanthi D Suresh is coming with a new channel that would be completely dedicated to politics. It seems that Ms. Kanthi is now more inclined towards politics as her show Talking Turkey with Kanthi will have flavor of politics. 

 The recent show of Talking Turkey with Kanthi, “does Arvind Kejriwal understand sports?” looks more inspired by politics than sports. Also, already Delhi is set to have its elections in a months time, a perfect timing for launching Power News for Kanthi D Suresh. 

On top of that, Kejriwal Govt. has passed the sports university bill, which Kejriwal termed as unique. Ms. Kanthi has a habit of analyzing everything deeply and in the process she analyzed the bill passed by AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) as well. Probably that became a perfect reason for Ms. Kanthi to sync in sports and politics together. Of course, it’s the Delhi’s Govt. itself who gave Power Sportz the reason to see sports from a political point of view as well. And that’s the reason Talking Turkey with Kanthi will be seen spiced up politically this time! 

Whatever, amidst everything Ms. Kanthi seems to be ready for politics, that too without losing her hold on her core area, that’s sports.  

Seems like viewers are going to have a combination of both sports and politics in one show, until the new channel ‘Power News’ is launched.

Its interesting, because it’s a unique combination and we are going to enjoy both sweet and sour taste of both Sports & Politics in one plate! 

Stay tuned …!

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