Josh Heller on how stellar work ethics is the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurs

While making money is seen as the be-all and end-all of businesses, many young entrepreneurs are passionate about ensuring that their companies are doing good work throughout the world. Josh Heller’s non-profit Favored Nations is working to help people across the globe and make the world a better place.

Favored Nations was launched in 2020, but has already made a great impact on communities in the United States. The organization has garnered over 100,000 members in just six months, and they’ve raised over $150,000 to help several causes, including COVID-19 relief, the Black Lives Matter movement, and youth vote initiatives for 2020. “I love giving back, and I’m so excited that Favored Nations took off so quickly,” Heller said. “I think we can change the world, one dollar, and one soul, at a time.” Josh has also created his own business called HELLER PR, INC, where he helps businesses in the fashion, music, tech, film, gaming, healthcare, and finance industries develop their digital branding and strategy. He’s worked with prestigious brands like Pacsun, Capitol Records, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Even when he’s focusing on his work for this company, Heller wants to give back to the world. “I believe that the new wave in enterprise is leading with compassion and empathy. Brand loyalty today is harder to build and easier to lose, and it’s not something you can fake. It will be hard for businesses without a foundation of altruism and transparency to survive. We as people and businesses can make great strides by treating each other as people and trying to improve the circumstances of others.”

Using the attention he gets from all of his professional work, Josh wants to raise awareness for important causes for Gen Z and millennials. “This group gets overlooked, but they’re the future of our society. They’re super passionate about change but don’t always know where to start, so I think we need to listen to them, collaborate, and inspire them to use their voice.” One of the biggest things Heller wants to tackle next is mental health activism. “I grew up with depression and anxiety, so this cause is close to my heart.”

As the world evolves, companies will have to move towards more charitable giving and sustainable practices to stay afloat. Josh Heller is a big fan and thinks that it’s possible to make things better by making small changes to the way we do business.