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Jewish Baby Stroller. How To Choose ?

Compact, comfortable, 3 wheels, modular or cane: it is difficult to choose a stroller from an increasingly vast choice and very variable prices. Modular to facilitate all your travels, comfortable for your baby, adapted to your lifestyle in town or in the countryside, in a house or in a building: discover the different models available to choose your stroller with Around Baby.

Combining comfort, maneuverability and minimum bulk when folded, compact Jewish baby strollers are ideal for apartment living. Easy to fit in the trunk of your car thanks to its telescopic folding, remaining manageable in an elevator or even on stairs, this model remains a pleasure to use on every occasion.

The comfort Jewish Baby stroller can be defined as a cane stroller, therefore light, but more comfortable and on which you can install accessories such as shell and carrycot. Choosing a stroller of this type is often a compromise between a so-called 1st age or comfort stroller, and the 2nd age stroller. Very handy, the comfort stroller is a little heavier than the 2nd age stroller.

True all-terrain, the 3-wheel stroller goes everywhere: on paths, in the park, on crowded sidewalks or under construction, etc. Combining great maneuverability while maintaining the necessary comfort for baby, it will give you the opportunity to share with him your walks in the forest or on the beach and why not you’re jogging sessions and your rollerblading … Versatile; it is easily completed with a nacelle or a shell that adapts to the frame.

Choosing a double stroller, the two-in-one solution

Twins? No problem: choosing a double stroller is a ready-made solution. Remaining essential for multiple births, it is also very useful for children of close age: for example, it allows a newborn to be stretched out at the back on the reclining seat while letting a larger child stand sitting in the front. Newborns (before 5 months) will only be able to use the stroller if it includes a pram or reclines in a fully reclined position. During the first months, baby cannot sit still and needs to be lying down to be well and be able to rest whenever he wants, well protected and well covered.

As soon as the baby starts to sit well (5 or 6 months), you can put him in a suitable Jewish Baby stroller, where the backrest will be slightly tilted. But at this age, baby gets tired quickly … The semi-lying position will allow him to work his muscles and enjoy the scenery while resting. From around 9 months, a cane stroller quickly becomes essential. The advantages of this model are multiple: it is ultra-light and generally has a folding system to reduce its size as much as possible, allowing you to transport it easily.

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