Houston coach Danu Holgorsen very needed to urge his media responsibilities out of the manner when the Cougars beat reddish-brown within the Birmingham Bowl.

Holgorsen’s group discussion when Tuesday’s 17-13 win followed reddish-brown coach Bryan Harsin’s. And Holgorsen wasn’t excited concerning however long Harsin talked with the media members present. once Holgorsen was asked to create a gap statement concerning his team’s success, he at once complained concerning having to attend for Harsin.

“Yeah, have to be compelled to have separate press conferences throughout this,” Holgorsen aforementioned. “We won the sport and I’m simply standing out there for twenty minutes, I don’t quite perceive that. I’d get that along.”

Holgorsen conjointly wasn’t a large fan of the food in Birmingham either.

Houston’s win might are higher too, however Holgorsen most likely is not grumbling an excessive amount of concerning his team finishing the season at 12-2. The Cougars’ convert the Tigers (6-7) was a slog and therefore the game might have turned fateful within the fourth quarter once associate degree mystifying throwback pass to quarterback Clayton Tune was intercepted with reddish-brown leading 13-10.

The Tigers had to punt on their succeeding possession, however, associate degreed Houston capped an eight-play drive with a TD pass from Tune to Jake Herslow that clothed to be the game-winning score.

And no matter annoyance Holgorsen had concerning anticipating his group discussion disappeared quickly. He was terribly proud to be delivery the Birmingham Bowl trophy back to Houston with him on the plane.

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