Henry Hysenagolli- The Young Professional Soccer Player Who Is Also An Investor And Multi-Millionaire At Age Of 20

Born on March 15th 2002, Henry Hysenagolli is a professional soccer player and multi-millionaire at age of 20! He owns real estate and online websites too. He dropped out of high school in NY to sign his first professional contract in Spain Madrid for CD Leganes which then lead him traveling across the world one his own at a young age and chase his dreams. He also plays for the Albanian national team.

All kids play football with a dream of representing their team as a professional football player. Unfortunately, not every kid gets to fulfil their dreams. Only a handful of kids eventually go on to represent his team in Football.

Henry Hysenagolli was born and brought up in Brooklyn and Bulls Head respectively to a family with Albanian roots. Henry had studied at Graniteville School before he settled in Spain 2 years ago. Now, he wants to complete his higher education in Spain, which offers him the right platform to give a fillip to his football aspirations.

He started playing football at an early age. He represented his U—19 Albanian team at a tournament for Albania. He also showed his talent at USL Championship League with FA Euro, New York. Soon, he focused his full attention on Staten Island United, which became Cedar Stars soon.

Henry Hysenagolli is certainly an asset to any team. He made a very casual start to his football career as an athlete for his local football team, but he showed tremendous commitment to the game before making it to Cedar Stars. His primary goal is to make his team win in big matches. He was extremely elated with the contract saying this contract would help him greatly in his career as a professional athlete.

The young athlete’s continuous rise in his professional career proves that he is a valuable asset to any team that he will represent in future. Starting from playing at a local football team to representing his team the Cedar Stars, Henry’s commitment and dedication to football is unquestionable. Henry Hysenagolli also has a deep passion for art, aesthetics, and heritage. In his spare time, he loves exploring Spanish history, art, and culture.   

He invested into Bitcoin in its early days and also in dodge coin at an early stage. He has also invested into Pokémon cards and basketball cards at a young age and he is still holding them. He hasn’t sold any since he first bought them at the age of 6.

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