As gyms open back up there is something new that members are eager to use, the curved treadmill. They are unique from a standard treadmill in that they do not require electricity, in fact they don’t even have a motor; Instead the belt is powered by the user. Known for burning up to 40% more calories than a conventional treadmill, these machines are very popular amongst runners, crossfit enthusiasts, professional athletes, and physical therapists. They achieve a greater ability to activate muscle groups and teach users to have proper running form, at their own pace. Some models like the Technogym Skillmill and the Aussie Fitness Pros Aussie Pro Runner even offer the ability to do sled training by increasing the resistance of the belt.

And it’s not only commercial gyms where you can find these efficient exercise machines. They are also popping up in home gyms and personal trainer studios across the nation. With consumers checking bank accounts at an all time record high, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are adding these energy efficient machines to their home gyms. While some models cost upwards to $10,000, we took a look at the three most popular machines for under $5,000.

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