The New York Giants announced the release of James Bradberry on Monday, making Cornerback a top free agent. New York released Bradberry on a three-year, संघ 43.5 million contract with the team with one year left. Bradberry’s cap number was 21,863,889, as New York saved $ 10,136,111 in salary cap space.

Bradberry had a successful two-year stint with the Giants, recording 101 tackles in 32 games, seven interceptions, 35 pass defenses and two formidable fumbles. A selection for the Pro Bowl in 2020, Bradberry lost just one game with the Giants and has been one of the most valuable players in defense for the past two years.

Bradberry’s coverage figures for 2021 were not as strong as for 2020. The quarterback completed a 61.2% pass for 729 yards and eight touchdowns as a primary defender against a Bradberry target. While Bradberry had four interceptions, the opposing quarterback had a 75.8 passer rating when he was the primary defender. He also had three pass-intervention fines.

In 2020, Bradberry allowed a pass rate of 55.7 in coverage because it only allowed three touchdowns and three interceptions. Opposing quarterbacks targeting Bradberry completed their 53% pass for 454 yards.

The giants tried to trade in the weeks leading up to Bradberry’s release, but no one took them. Per Pro Football Network, Kansas City Chiefs were a team trying to trade for Bradberry. There are plenty of cornerback-needed teams that could use Bradberry’s services, so it’s expected to hit the market in the next few days.

Bradberry has passed 82 in his career and has led his team in all six NFL seasons. His 35 passes in the last two years are the third highest in the NFL.

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