A close-by fighter aircraft caused a serious disturbance at the French Open on Wednesday afternoon. Matches were being played at Roland Garros when a fighter aircraft in the zone broke the sound barrier.

Police immediately answered to the public that the noise was the consequence of the sound barrier being broken, however at the times legitimately after it occurred, officials and security authorities started planning to perhaps clear those at the French Open, as per the Associated Press.

Players at the competition were noticeably confused and inquisitive. Dominik Koepfer was mid-serve on Court Suzanne Lenglen at the competition when it occurred.

As should be obvious, Koepfer saw the blast. He communicated how he felt about everything after the match.

“It was kind of weird, we both stopped. We both looked at each other and didn’t know what it is,” Koepfer said. “It was a weird feeling, for one or two points I thought about it.”

His rival, 2015 French Open boss Stan Wawrinka, additionally commented on the circumstance.

“I was shocked, like everybody. For sure, it was a worry,” he said. “I asked the umpire to let me know what it was. Everybody had the answer quite early, so was all good.”

On Court Philippe Chatrier, Elina Svitolina and Renata Zarazua were going head to head when the noise happened.

“I was a bit worried because I thought something bad happened. I looked at the chair umpire, he was little bit shocked as well,” Svitolina said. “You never know these days what can happen, what’s going on. It was very strange, very loud, like something big dropped.”

The French Air Force affirmed it was allowed to break the sound barrier to check on a plane that lost association with air regulators, yet no warningwas given to those in the surrounding territory.

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