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Cricket: All the Information You Need to Know

The intensity of Indians’ passion for cricket is unparalleled. Although most of us have played cricket since we were children, and it may seem easy, there are a few rules and tactics that you might find fascinating. Here is a detailed overview of the game for new players.

How do you play cricket?

Cricket was first introduced by the British and is now referred to as the unofficial national sport of India.

Each squad in the game consists of 11 players. To determine which team gets to bat or bowl first, the two teams typically throw a coin.

Most games of cricket are played outside. Cricket can be played anywhere there is a horizontal stretch of land, though it is desirable to have a suitable pitch with the necessary tools. Gully cricket, for instance, is highly common in India and can be seen on many Indian streets.

The Cricket Rules

The game’s rules can be quickly and easily understood by firsthand observation of a cricket match.

The team that bats first seeks to score as many runs as it can while preventing the opposition from catching up. While the bowler attempts to strike the wicket stump to get the batsman out, the bowling team attempts to prevent the batter from scoring by using its fielders.

Cricket’s Advantages

Everyone is aware that cricket is a fantastic team activity that can provide hours of entertainment and aid in the development of social skills, but less well recognised are its health advantages. In fact, the game serves a number of very important purposes, such as improving stamina and endurance through frequent field running, which is a sort of cardio.

The improvement of balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and hand-eye coordination are other advantages.

Equipment to Begin

It’s super simple. You would only require a cricket ball and bat to begin the glorious game.

  • Bat – Bats used in cricket are made of flat wood, and connected to a conical handle. It is one of the principal components to play cricket. Without it, it’s not easy to play Cricket.
  • Ball – The ball used in cricket is a cork ball covered in leather. It is the element that manipulates the game. It is impossible to play cricket without a ball.