The pack of cigarettes that appears in the dugout during the regional game of the College World Series is apparently the attraction of luck.

Marlboro cigarette packs show Campbell sitting in the dugout behind coach Justin Herre in a 12-7 win over Campbell in Tennessee’s Knoxville County on Saturday night. Cigarettes appeared on ESPN and appeared to be in violation of Tennessee and NCAA policies.

On Sunday, Campbell Assistant Athletic Director Davis Dupree told Knox News that the package was empty.

The game took place at the University of Tennessee’s Lindsay Nelson Stadium, which, like most colleges and universities across the country, does not allow smoking anywhere on campus. Cigarettes are also a violation of NCAA policies, and anyone who violates those rules will be excluded from the game.

But, since the pack was just an empty “good luck prop”, no damage was done.

Campbell was knocked out of the region after a 16-5 defeat to Georgia Tech on Sunday. The regional championship will be played between Georgia Tech and Tennessee.

The College World Series kicks off on June 17 in Omaha, Nebraska.

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