The Chicago White Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs which is fun regardless of what season it is.

Ok, summer nights at Wrigley. Simply joking, those are just ever fun when the Chicago White Sox are there for a game. That is the thing that at last occurred for a presentation game on Sunday night. It was just a presentation game yet it had a feeling that it implied something exceptional when the White Sox played the Chicago Cubs for the first time this season.

The two teams want to have great years in 2020 and this was a decent method to set the stage. The White Sox came out and dominated the match by a final score of 6-3. The Chicago Cubs conveyed their Opening Day starter, Kyle Hendricks. The White Sox matched him with an AAA pitcher named Drew Anderson. The Cubs got to Anderson right on time with a 2-0 lead however the White Sox didn’t sit back any further.

A major six-run inning mobilized the White Sox before they eventually dominated the match. It was great to watch baseball once more, however it was much more enjoyable to watch the White Sox beat the Cubs. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that it is a regular season game, a show game, or a well friendly team game of golf. The team on the South Side needs to overcome the team on the North Side.

You can advise that the White Sox came to play regardless of being intensely outmatched in the beginning pitching category. Yasmani Grandal chose to have a gigantic game and was the grapple of that six run inning. He is actually what the White Sox required in their lineup so now it is excitingto perceive what he can do.

Luis Robert played in this game and was amazing. Kyle Hendricks is presumably the best pitcher that Robert has ever confronted which made this an extremely pleasant test. He made Robert look senseless by painting a corner for a called strike three early in the game yet Robert would return and have two hits to go 2-3 on the day. It is truly cool to see this child make modifications that work for himself.

This wasn’t the last practice game against the Cubs. The White Sox are going to take them on at Guaranteed Rate Field this evening. The White Sox should begin a pretty power-filled setup again and Dallas Keuchel is relied upon to get the beginning against Yu Darvish. This ought to be a pleasant method to start another week! Ideally, they can match what they did in this road game the previous night however this time at home.

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