The ongoing saga of brave vs Firefox has already taken over the internet city but still, the question remains that which browser is best? Brave has already shaken the floor by its lightning speed but is brave worth more than the browser conqueror Firefox?

Before digging in the depths of the nasty and exciting comparison between let’s take a brief overview of what brave really is?

Brave is a free open-source browser steered to provide the best privacy by blocking those malicious ad trackers. Unbeatable speed and unique basic attention tokens feature of brave have already made it stand out from all the mainstream browsers.

Is it better than Firefox? Does brave browser have powers to overcome Firefox?

Brave is built on the chromium which was specially developed for efficiency and speed. Firefox is not based on the chromium so it lags a little bit on opening the new tab or loading the new page. Opening a new tab on Firefox catalyzes the usage of CPU by 8% while on the browser there is no need to worry about that as you can see an increase of only 4% in the CPU usage in case of similar behavior. On the part of speed, you can clearly deduce that brave is the better option.

Apart from this, if we talk about security then we can see a neck to neck competition between the two rivals. The brave search engine blocks the ad-trackers and provide secure surfing over the browser by upgrading every website automatically to HTTPS. Moreover, you can easily delete the data you want at the end of the browsing session. On the other hand, Firefox is not anything less than Brave as protection against malicious websites and pop-ups is also the hallmark of Firefox. Auto-updates and security-settings customization add the value to the worth of Firefox. From this unbiased comparison, we can consider it a tie between two.

There is an unusual and most pragmatic feature of sync that is available in the two browsers. In a brave browser, browsing data available on various devices that are operated on brave can automatically get synced but it doesn’t have any access to the private data. This feature is very useful but sadly, right now it is only available on the desktop version of brave , which is also call brave browser windows. In contrary to this, you can easily sync your passwords, favorite extensions or form data using Firefox. Furthermore, this sync feature of Mozilla is not restricted to desktop only as you can get amused by sync on its IOS and Android version too. We can easily see a clear-cut win of Firefox in this regard.

We all can easily predict the future of cryptocurrencies, but the question arises that whether our browsers are ready for it or not? If we talk about the brave, brave browser is the cryptocurrency enthusiast. It not only supports the currently existing cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and bitcoins but it has also introduced the basic attention tokens which will definitely benefit the brave users in an unexpected way in the near future. On the opposite, new versions of Firefox automatically ban the scripts of crypto mining. You can download brave browser for new try because we are very familiar with mozilla firefox already.

Even after this unbiased comparison, the decision of choosing between the two still lies in your hand!

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