Russian rap artist Aleksey Dolmatov, better known by his stage name Guf, invited blogger Andrey Alistarov to visit, and gave him a great interview, in which he told in detail how his career began, how he spends his usual day, showed how he lives Today.

Guf also spoke about the film by Roman Chumakov (Zhigan) “Russian Hip-Hop”, shared his opinion about Bast and many other interesting moments that even ardent fans of the Russian rap artist had not heard of before.

Andrey Alistarov recorded this interview in video format and posted it on his YouTube channel “Iron Fates”.

The beginning of the creative path. Alexey Dolmatov admitted that at the very beginning of his journey he did not even think about making money with the help of rap songs. Then he just wanted to try to perform songs for himself, there was a desire to assert himself. It was then that he took his first song to the radio, where it was broadcast, and after which many people became interested in Alexei’s work.

At the same time, Guf is confident that now it is easier for rap artists to achieve popularity, because there are many opportunities for self-expression. At the time when he began his journey, it was necessary to do something out of the ordinary to get noticed.

Blogger Andrei Alistarov, acting as an interviewer, tried to get Guf to talk about what he thinks about the film by Roman Chumakov (Zhigan) called Russian Hip-Hop, in which Guf is presented in a bad light. To this, the rap artist replied that he had never looked and was not going to watch this motion picture.

The conversation was sometimes so frank that Alexey Dolmatov even shared with Andrey Alistarov his impressions of several months in prison. According to him, before prison he had a wave of thug romance, he avidly read books about thieves in law, listened to thieves’ songs. But when he himself was in the cell, he literally lost his speech. Subsequently, he was released under an amnesty, but the craving for thug romanticism was completely gone.

When asked what kind of relationship Guf had with Basta (Vasily Vakulenko), Alexei replied that he had no grudge against Vasily. And if Basta asks now, he even agrees to create a common track with him.

All the heroes of this issue (Andrey Alistarov, his friend Varlush Kazaryan, Alexey Dolmatov and his concert director Edgar Keosayan) visited not only Guf’s house, but also a restaurant, a rap artist’s clothing store, and even a tattoo parlor.

By the way, Andrei Alistarov, during an interview, showed Alexei Dolmatov his talents, reading a rap on the verses of his own composition, for which he received praise from the famous rapper.

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