The co-founder of “Thrown Media” creates a legacy of her own through micro-video content in the media and marketing industry.

The way certain industries are on a growth spree today makes people wonder about the reasons that might have helped these industries to thrive so much. It is amazing to learn about all those who have contributed heavily to this growth and led their respective industries to exponential levels of success. Among them, the rise of many female entrepreneurs has grabbed the maximum attention and infused more hope, positivity and motivation in many other women out there vying to create a unique niche for themselves in their fields. We couldn’t help but notice the meteoric rise of one, woman professional and entrepreneur in the world of media and marketing; she is Lizzy Molina, co-founder of “Thrown Media”.

What has garnered more prominence around her more recently is her endless effort to ensure she takes the industry to the next level of success by inspiring uniqueness and greatness in all that she and her company choose to do. As the co-founder of Thrown Media, Lizzy Molina leaves no stone unturned to thrive in the industry with her out-of-the-box ideas and strategies, which also includes directing and producing micro-video content.

Lizzy Molina has mastered the art of using video content to humanize the athletes’ brand by telling their story in 1–3-minute micro-videos, as she highlights that people’s attention span doesn’t last too long these days. Currently, her company has produced and distributed a micro-docu-series for Jason Cabinda, Detroit Lions full back, along with others, where they created a content series to show his fans how superior self-belief can help people achieve their dreams.

Her main message, “The digital world is moving at a rapid pace, and athletes, public figures along with business owners need to engage with audiences and fans and funnel them to a call to action.” With over a decade long experience in the sports and entertainment and production business, Lizzy Molina has changed the game of the industry for the better by securing alliances with many corporate brands around the world and pitching to brands with orchestrated strategies. This has resulted in her developing strong relationships with clients, leading to ongoing profitable opportunities. Are you ready to be vulnerable & share your story?

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