Aaron Donald wants a new contract.

The defensive tackle of the Los Angeles Rams has spent much of his career as one of the best players in football. His current contract does not pay him that much. Armed with the Super Bowl ring and all the personal compliments that an NFL defender can accomplish, Donald says it’s okay to retire at the age of 31 if he and the Rams don’t match the terms.

He started blabbering on like before the Super Bowl and doubled down on the “I Athlete” podcast on Monday with retired NFL players Brandon Marshall and Pacman Jones. According to a Profitball talk transcript, Donald has repeated four times that he is “at peace” in his NFL career. But it seems to be his game to keep playing as long as the money is right.

So it looks like Donald is going to win. And business. Which makes all sense.

Where Donald’s contract status is
Donald has three years left on the six-year, $ 135 million contract he signed in 2018, and has performed well ever since the market sided with him. He also has the significant advantage of being able to retire without a doubt.

While this is a bargaining chip, it could be called the Super Bowl Ring, the Seven All-Pro Nodes, the Three Defensive Player of the Year Trophy and the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s first ballot. The pocket is forced. The $ 97 million in his career has certainly helped him.

But he would definitely like to earn more, which in this case is more than $ 28 million T.J. VAT is set to become the highest-earning defender in football every year. Competing for the second Super Bowl will make the deal sweeter.

But if that doesn’t happen, Donald will recover. Just ask him.

“I don’t have to play football to get well,” Donald added. I am fine Blessed to play this game, made money. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. If I could win another one, that’s fine. But if not, I am calm. “

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