Previous NFL quarterback turned private mentor John Beck joined KNBR on Thursday. He worked with Kyle Shanahan in Washington when the San Francisco 49ers lead trainer was the hostile facilitator there. The two stay close.

Beck has worked this offseason with two of the three possibilities — Justin Fields of Ohio State and Trey Lance of North Dakota State — that are the wagering top choices to be the No. 3 pick by the Niners. Macintosh Jones of Alabama has the best chances, trailed by the other two. Beck has additionally worked finally with Zach Wilson of BYU, who is required to go to the New York Jets at No. 2.

Everybody is attempting to sort out Shanahan’s reasoning and anticipate who will be the 49ers’ first choice. All things considered, the group exchanged a take of draft picks, including numerous first-rounders, to the Miami Dolphins to climb from No. 12.

Beck was approached to separate what Shanahan looks for in a quarterback. I’ll surrender it to you to examine it and figure out which of the three possibilities best matches the portrayal.

“Kyle wants somebody that can understand his offense, that can process information quickly, that can see the field through a lens that makes sense to him to be able to coach it, and for you to kind of see it how he sees it,” Beck told Greg Papa and John Lund. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, but he wants you to be able to communicate with him and then be able to process so that in-game communications, during-practice communication, all those things can flow smoothly.

“He’s additionally truly enthusiastic about feet. He needs to have the option to attach feet to the plan, and truly the other way around. In this way, he’s extremely specific about the feet of his quarterback, the eyes of his quarterback, the situating, and he searches for attributes and capacities. Actual capacities would get the ball out rapidly, having the option to drive it to a variety of spots on the field rapidly and easily. He loves to be forceful in play-pass, particularly certain spaces of the field, so he needs someone, really the play counterfeit, if those safeguards begin to cut the under courses, or on the off chance that they get level footed, he needs someone that can drive a ball downfield, and afterward inside space.

“In this game, space is always taken away because of the pressure [by] the defense. So, he wants somebody that doesn’t have to use a bunch of space in the pocket to be able to really drive the ball and do it accurately. So, that’s why there are certain elements of a guy that may jump out to him, and he looks and says, ‘I know where that fits in what I do.'”

One of the thumps on Jones, particularly when contrasted with Fields or Lance, is an absence of physicality. The last two possibilities could add an alternate dynamic to an offense. Many have theorized that in the wake of watching quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray lately, perhaps Shanahan looks for his own athletic playmaker.

“A lot of people just want to say, ‘Oh, he’s looking for an athletic quarterback,’ and they think anybody with athleticism fits,” Beck commented. “Kyle doesn’t need a Lamar Jackson athlete. He just needs somebody athletic enough to run the keeper game, to be able to move off the spot, and in the play-pass game, to be able to move enough, selling the action. And if there is any pressure, quickly move, and still be able to drive every single throw to all three levels of the field.”

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